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Learn what you need to know about UTSC from your peers! The Get Started Peer Coaches for 2016 are friendly, fun and helpful upper-year students from all programs. You can ask them about the campus, the community and their experiences in their programs. Peer Coaches are happy to share tips and advice for being academically successful, getting involved and what it’s like to be a UTSC student.

Get Started 2017 Coaches


My Program(s): Double Major in Human Biology and Mental Health Studies

My Year of Study: Alumna – Class of 2017

Something Interesting About Me: I love DIYs (Do-It-Yourself) projects especially those that showcase priceless memories. My favorite hobby is scrapbooking!

Favourite Place On Campus: My favorite place on campus is the Library because it’s literally my second home. If I am not studying there, I am working there! 

Some Advice For You: Don’t be afraid to ask questions and take advantage of everything UTSC has to offer you. There are many services on campus that are underutilized.  Take advantage of what you’re paying for! This will open many doors of opportunities for you to get involved and grow as a person. If it weren’t for my first year becoming a mentee for the First Year Experience Program on campus, I wouldn’t have became the Program Coordinator for the program in my final year. I have learned so much about myself and even received the opportunity to study abroad in Singapore last summer. Overall, take risks and be open-minded; you never know what can happen. 

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My Program(s): Double Major in Public Policy & Sociology 

My Year of Study: 4th Year

Something Interesting About Me: I am originally from Corner Brook, Newfoundland! I moved to Ontario about five years ago. 

Favourite Place On Campus: Social Science Departmental Student Association Room (MW327)

Some Advice For You: Always be open to any opportunities that come your way; never be afraid to try something new. You never know what new adventures are just around the corner. From the people you meet, to the places you see, make the most out of your university experience by stepping outside of your comfort zone.

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My Program(s): Double Major in Biochemistry & Human Biology

My Year of Study: Alumna – Class of 2017

Something Interesting About Me: I am hoping to start a food adventure this summer throughout Toronto and experience a taste of the cultural diversity of our city!

Favourite Place On Campus: The Environmental & Physical Sciences Students’ Association (EPSA) Office in the Environmental Science & Chemistry Building!

Some Advice For You: It can be easy to lose focus of your goals with a bunch of assignments and tests happening all at once. Just remember to always take a step back, reflect and put your best foot forward!

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My Program(s): Double Major in Neuroscience and Molecular Biology

My Year of Study: Alumna – Class of 2017

Favourite Place On Campus: Biology Students’ Association (BioSA) Office

Some Advice For You:  Take courses outside your majors and challenge yourself academically- you’ll grow during the process and may find new interests!

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My Program(s): Double Major in Human Biology & English

My Year of Study: 4th Year

Something Interesting About Me: I enjoy running, drinking tea, and musicals! My favourite color is Royal Blue

Favourite Place On Campus: My favourite place on campus is the valley during the fall colour change. It is so calming to go for a walk to de-stress and to be surrounded by warm colours.

Some Advice For You: Enrol in an elective because the course description in the calendar sounds interesting, and it may be one of the best courses you take. Join an extracurricular activity that catches your eye, and it may lead you to your next adventure. Be a part of an initiative that you are passionate about, and you may discover what you want to do after undergrad. Let your intuition guide you and do not be afraid to try new things, because sometimes, opportunities arise in ways you could never predict.

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My Program(s): Double Major in Psychology and Health Studies (Population Health), and a Minor in Biology 

My Year of Study: Final Year

Something Interesting About Me:  I started my own club on campus, and I bake and decorate cakes!

Favourite Place On Campus: The Quad (Marketplace Patio), The Valley, and Bladen Wing 4th floor.

Some Advice For You: My 3 biggest pieces of advice:
1. Constantly try to step outside of your comfort zone.
2. Don’t be afraid to take courses outside of your program(s).
3. Get involved on and off campus - not only will this enrich your experience, but it will allow you to leave your mark on the UTSC and Scarborough community!

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My Program(s): Specialist in Psychology and Minor in Food Studies  

My Year of Study: Final Year

Something Interesting About Me:  I am a competitive powerlifter 

Favourite Place On Campus: TPASC: Toronto Pan Am Sports Centre,

Some Advice For You: University is your time to shine and explore different fields of interest. Don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone and try something new. Everything you do is a learning experience!

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My Program(s): Double Major Health Studies (Co-op) and Psychology 

My Year of Study: Final Year

Something Interesting About Me: I bake regularly in my free time, always trying new and different recipes.

Favourite Place On Campus: Bladen Wing

Some Advice For You: Don’t be afraid to try new things and different experiences. First year can be very challenging, but fun as well. Try to work your hardest in your classes, make sure to interact with your professors and know that there are many resources on campus to support you all throughout! 

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Mahnoor (Noor Preferred)

My Program(s): Double Major in Human Biology and Health Studies, minor in Psychology 

My Year of Study: Alumna- Class of 2017

Something Interesting About Me: I have an identical twin who also attended UTSC with me and shared my programs! 

Favourite Place On Campus: The marketplace seating area, especially since it is newly renovated and food is also close by! 

Some Advice For You: Be kind and take time to enjoy your undergraduate experience! Don’t be afraid to ask for help and utilize all resources available on campus. Lastly, explore extracurricular opportunities early on to get the best out of your undergraduate journey.

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My Program(s): Double Major in Human Biology and Psychology

My Year of Study: 4th Year

Something Interesting About Me: I used to be a member of a Steel Pan band

Favourite Place On Campus: The Valley

Some Advice For You: Get involved on campus. You’ll meet some amazing people, form great friendships, and get tons of experience along the way. Getting good grades are important but your time at university should be about more than just maintaining a high GPA. Getting involved can also help you to feel a lot more fulfilled at the end of your university career.

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My Program(s): Double Major in Human Biology and Mental Health Studies

My Year of Study: Recent graduate

Something Interesting About Me: In my free time, I enjoy doing one of three things: reading George Orwell, watching That 70’s Show, or cooking my favourite dishes. 

Favourite Place On Campus: The library is my favourite spot on campus, simply because I’ve spent long hours there with my friends. It’s true that we were busy studying, but we still managed to create memories to last a lifetime!

Some Advice For You: Visit your professors during their office hours. They are always more than happy to help. Not only will you make a special bond with them, but you will also enhance your learning experience along the way, which will ultimately affect your academics in a positive way. Once you start getting used to the coursework and course load, start getting involved! It could be volunteering with a student association, club or department on campus – anything you enjoy! Once you start pursuing that, numerous other opportunities will start knocking on your door! And lastly, don’t forget to enjoy the little things in life.

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My Program(s): Double Major in Population Health and Neuroscience

My Year of Study: 3rd Year

Something Interesting About Me: I get real superstitious about exams. If I wrote an exam with a certain pencil and got an A, guess what -- no other pencil will do, my Red BIC Mechanical Pencil is the Chosen One. Likewise, if I wear a certain sweater and do poorly -- can’t wear it anymore, it’s cursed. 

Favourite Place On Campus: I like taking walks on campus and discovering secret things I never knew about, like quick shortcuts, or where the cleanest washrooms are! Also, KFC, because snack boxes are the best bang for your buck on this campus!

Some Advice For You: It can be difficult and scary to start something as grand as university. It’s okay to take some time for yourself to re-adjust and get comfortable; and as a challenge, when you’re ready, set the goal of learning to become comfortable with the uncomfortable -- it helps you to seek out new opportunities you’ve never sought out before and talk to new people to form great friendships!

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My Program(s): International Development Studies Co-op (Specialist), Political Science Minor 

My Year of Study: 3rd Year

Something Interesting About Me: I have two Siamese cats (they’re brothers not twins) and I am absolutely obsessed with the television series The Office (UK and US version are both fantastic). 

Favourite Place On Campus: During nice days, anywhere outside in the sun and near trees. On not so nice days, the Starbucks eating area because of the perfect trinity: food, people and nature (right beside the gorgeous ravine)

Some Advice For You: Remember every time you went through something and thought, “there is no way I am going to get through this.” And then you did. You are stronger than you think; embrace life and its challenges, fight for what you believe in, stand up for others, surround yourself with the people and things that you love. Most importantly, be open to new ideas and never stop learning about all the things this life has to offer you. 

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My Program(s): Double Major in Computer Science and Statistics (Co-op)

My Year of Study: 2nd Year

Something Interesting About Me: I’m an athlete and a huge sports fan. I love to play and watch different sports. I play guitar and listen to a variety of music. Go Raptors!

Favourite Place On Campus: The Toronto Pan Am Centre

Some Advice For You: Don’t put so much pressure on yourself to do well in school. Obviously, it’s important to get good grades, but you also have to remember to have fun. There will be times of stress, but you can combat this with effective time management. Before you know it, your first year will already be over! So, create a realistic schedule, and it will help keep you on track. Having good study habits is also a major key.  If you ever need help, seek help immediately. Never wait till the last minute. Lastly, go out, have fun and meet new people. Making friends in university is really important as you can also help each other out whenever you need it.  Remember, there are several resources to guide you every step of the way! 

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My Program(s): Double Major in Human Biology and Psychology

My Year of Study: Final Year

Something Interesting About Me: I met one of my best friends at Get Started! I also play the keyboard.

Favourite Place On Campus: The Valley

Some Advice For You: Managing workload especially during first year can seem overwhelming, but remember that you are not alone. Feel more than welcome to use recreational activities and get involved in various volunteer positions on campus to balance your academic and social life.

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My Program(s): Specialist in Mental Health Studies   

My Year of Study: 3rd Year

Something Interesting About Me: I have started my very own YouTube channel to share my International student experience at UofT, in addition to providing more information on my personal lifestyle. 

Favourite Place On Campus: Anywhere I can feel the sunshine and have a sofa to lie down.

Some Advice For You: There are lots of adjustments for first-year students, but once you step out your comfort zone, you will find that everything will be alright. A tip for your folks is to get started on your readings as early as 1st week of classes!   

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My Program(s): Specialist in Molecular Biology and Biotechnology; Major in Biochemistry

My Year of Study: 4th Year

Something Interesting About Me: I lived in Montreal for four months during my third year for a Co-op work term.

Favourite Place On Campus: The Library :) 

Some Advice For You: First year can be overwhelming. Relax, breathe.  Take it one week at a time. Always remember, there are many resources on campus for you to get connected with right from the start! 


My Program(s): Public Policy (Co-op) and Sociology Double Major

My Year of Study: 4th Year

Something Interesting About Me: I used to be a full time Potter head (now I am a part time one after the Harry Potter saga is over) and write Harry Potter fan fiction. Also, I would be in Slytherin House if I was a student of Hogwarts! 

Favourite Place On Campus: The Valley! It is a great place for students to relax during the academic year. Not the mention how stunning the view is during the Fall. 

Some Advice For You: I understand how difficult and intimidating first year of university is, but there are a lot of services on campus that you can access and we are all here to help you. Ranging from academic advice to health and wellness concerns, UTSC got you covered. So, make sure you reach out to the resources whenever you need it, and always be confident about your strengths and talents!  

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My Program(s): Neuroscience and Psychology Majors

My Year of Study: 3rd Year 

Something Interesting About Me:  I love doing puzzles!

Favourite Place On Campus: Toronto Pan Am Sports Centre (TPASC)

Some Advice For You: UTSC offers a lot of great resources for academics and many opportunities to get involved on campus. Be sure to take advantage of them to make your university experience all the more worthwhile! 

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My Program(s): Molecular Biology, Immunology and Disease, and English

My Year of Study: 4th Year

Something Interesting About Me: I once attempted to do the CN Tower Climb—and fainted on the 90th floor. There was a very dramatic rescue story—I’ll tell you about it sometime! 

Favourite Place On Campus: The legendary R-space (now a relic of the past).

Some Advice For You: Try for every opportunity. Don’t let fear hold you back. You never know what will happen!

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My Program(s): Co-op Management - Specialist in Marketing

My Year of Study: 3rd Year

Something Interesting About Me: I am the oldest out of 5 sisters and I am really into horror/Disney movies. I also enjoy watching anime and reading mangas in my free time, especially the older ones.

Favourite Place On Campus: IC building/the Co-Op office; as a Management student this is basically my second home.

Some Advice For You: Regardless if you are an incoming student or a student finishing their undergraduate, one piece of advice that goes a long way is to never be afraid to ask for help and use all the resources that are available to you. Explore clubs, organizations and volunteer opportunities that you are passionate about, expand your horizon and do things outside of your program if they interest you. Take some risks and chances, everything you do at UTSC is a learning opportunity. Lastly, try to have fun and make the most out of your undergraduate degree.  

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