Live from UTSC

Ever wanted to walk around U of T Scarborough, without actually walking around UTSC? Live from UTSC! is your opportunity to take specialized tours of the University of Toronto Scarborough and see the campus through a whole new lens. Hosted by current students, these episodes are streamed live on our Facebook page, using Facebook's LIVE broadcasting platform. Tune in, ask questions, and interact with your hosts as they walk around.

Upcoming Events

Student Life | April 25, 2018 | 3pm EST
Learn about the vibrant and dynamic U of T Scarborough student life with this special livestream featuring staff and current students answering your questions — LIVE!
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Past Events

Arts & Science Co-op | April 18, 2018
How will Arts & Science Co-op at U of T Scarborough set you up for success after graduation? Where will I get placed? Am I paid during co-op? Hear answers to these questions and more!
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Applying to UTSC | December 13, 2017
Got questions about applying to U of T Scarborough? We've got answers!
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The U of T Scarborough Library | March 17, 2017
Did you know U of T has the largest library system in Canada? Join Sandy and Taj as they show you around — from books to computers, phone-charging bikes to 3D printers and things in between you'd never expect in a library!
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Co-op Programs at UTSC | March 15, 2017
Join Klarrissa and her friends as they share their experiences of being in co-op.
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UTSC Student Life | December 9, 2016
Join Naresh and Michelle for the last livestream of 2016. They'll be walking around campus and take questions about life as a U of T Scarborough student.
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International Student Centre | July 21, 2016
Deepika, Eulina, and Rasheka will be giving you a tour of our Instructional Centre (home of the Management, Co-op and Computer Science offices). We’ll also have a Q&A with the friendly staff at the International Student Centre and the E-Buddy team!
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Toronto Pan Am Sports Centre | July 14, 2016
You've seen pictures online, maybe even caught the Pan Am & Para-Pan Am Games that were hosted here. But now, join Tirth, Viukan and Julia and see what it's really like! Take a tour of your running track, pools, courts, fitness centre, rock-climbing wall, cardio room and so much more. This is your gym!
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Residence | July 7, 2016
A lot of you asked to see inside residence last time. Join Dharsha, Cynthia and Julia as they give you a look inside a townhouse, an apartment and the Rez Centre. We'll also be talking with Mary, an upper-year Residence Advisor about her experience living in residence.
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Watch Part 2 of the episode here

Get Started | June 30, 2016
Join Mehak and Alyssa (again!) during Get Started, U of T Scarborough's academic orientation program hosted by the Academic Advising & Career Centre, as they give you a tour of what it's like to be at the event. Meet the other Get Started coaches, chat with first-year students and ask questions about the program.
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U of T Scarborough Student Life | May 30, 2016
Join Mehak and Alyssa as they walk around campus and take questions about what it's like to be a U of T Scarborough student.
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How to Watch the Stream

Simply visit our U of T Scarborough Admissions Facebook page at on a computer, mobile device or the Facebook app at the time of stream. Don't see it? Refresh the page a few moments after the scheduled start time.

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