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  1. An overview of your co-op degree
  2. Co-op Student Agreement & Authorization to Release Personal Information

An overview of your co-op degree

In co-op, you'll follow either a specialist program, a double major program or a major with two minors, leading to a four-year degree. This is comprised of 20 full-credit equivalents (FCEs).

In addition to completing the academic component of your degree, you’ll spend eight to 12 months in jobs – called co-op work terms – that are relevant to your program of study.

For most programs, you’ll follow the same academic program of studies as your non-co-op peers. However, some programs have specific additional course and timing requirements that are outlined in the Academic Calendar.

Co-op Student Agreement & Authorization to Release Personal Information

The first time you log in to our Career Services Manager tool (CSM), you’ll be invited to complete the Co-op Student Agreement and Privacy Policy, which are your formal agreement to your responsibilities as a co-op student. The agreement authorizes us to provide your resume, cover letter and academic history to co-op employers, and permits us to release previous mid-term evaluations, final evaluations and work term project evaluations to employers if requested.

How to Maintain Your Status in Co-op

Not sure about how your cGPA affects your eligibility for co-op? How many courses do you need to take in order to stay in the program? Visit this page to break down the details. 

Leaving Co-op

It's always our goal to help you move successfully through co-op from first year to final year, but sometimes life makes other plans for you. Find out how to switch out of co-op, or learn more about your options if you have been removed from the program.

Graduation Requirements

Use this checklist as a guideline for your co-op graduation requirements in cooperation with the calendar and your academic program.

Share Your Feedback

Current Student? Share Your Feedback!

There's a number of ways to share your thoughts with us each semester including speaking with your student development and work term engagement coordinators in class and during office hours. However, we recognize that students may want to provide feedback in other ways, so we have created this form as an additional option to share your feedback with us.