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[February 2018] Assistant Professors Robert Haslhofer and Giulio Tiozzo received two of the 2018 Sloan Research Fellowships.  Read more here...

[November 2017] Math in Motion - Girls in Gear: Prime Minister Trudeau encourages young girls to pursue STEM studies at the University of Toronto-Scarborough conference.  Read more here...

[November 2017] Professor David Fleet one of six U of T researchers joining the Vector Institute. Read more here...

[November 2017] U of T News - South Korea's LG Electronics meets with U of T researchers to explore collaboration opportunities. Read more here...

[July 2016] CMS Computer Science students developing a Rouge Park app. Read more here...

[June 2016]  CMS welcomes six new faculty members! Read more here...

[May 2016]  The annual  Math in Motion … Girls in Gear program was held at UTSC for grade nine girls. The event offers programming in math and science to up to 100 grade nine girls for a day to foster their skill and love for mathematics and science.  Read more here…

[May 2015]  New world rankings place Computer Science at the University of Toronto 11th in the world. Read more here ...

[October 2014]  John Friedlander speaks at the Symposium in Mathematics for the 2014 Rolf Schock Prize, awarded by the Royal Swedish Academy, held in Stockholm.  The invited speakers, from left to right below: James Maynard, Daniel Goldston, Yitang Zhang, Enrico Bombieri, Terrence Tao, and John Friedlander (Bombieri and Tao are Fields Medalists).


[August 2014]  The Shanghai World University Rankings have been released. Computer Science at U of T is now Top 10! The University of Toronto as a whole has been ranked 24th. Read the full Toronto Star story here.

[October 2014]  David Fleet spoke at the TEDx Toronto event in October 2014. Watch his talk here.

[August 2014]  CMS Chair, David Fleet talks to Dan Misener of the CBC about the future
of 3D sensing technologies and their applications.

[May 2013]  Math in Motion: Girls in Gear 2013 comes to UTSC

[May 2013]  University of Toronto Ranks High in Academic Ranking

[September 2013]   CS Students win at The Next 36 2013 Hackathon

[April 2013]  Making the most of massive data centres

[September 2013]   UTSC stream teaches how to tame Big Data

[July 2013]  CMS faculty members win distinguished prizes

[June 2013]  CMS Grad wins three major academic honours

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