Uncommon Combinations: A creative chemist

Thursday, March 22 - 2018
Kahlan is in first-year, so she doesn’t need to decide her program yet, but she’s got an idea what she wants to pursue. She’s always been good at science, particularly Chemistry, though she chose U…

Uncommon Combinations: The bilingual performer

Wednesday, March 14 - 2018
Alana Paré's decision to double major was easy. She’s always loved theatre, and she’s been in French immersion since kindergarten. Coming to U of T Scarborough for these programs was an easy…

Award-winning podcast records Scarborough’s immigration history

Tuesday, March 13 - 2018
A class of U of T Scarborough students have been recognized for their podcasts exploring the unique experiences of indigenous and immigrant communities living in Scarborough.

Uncommon Combinations: Playing bass and planning health policies

Friday, March 9 - 2018
First year was a time of experimentation and contemplation for Anna Marie Baradi.

Panel explores the role skin colour plays in popular conceptions of beauty

Thursday, March 1 - 2018
North American beauty standards are not created equal. For Black women in particular, even the choice of hair arrangement can be seen as a political one.       This was the…

Uncommon Combinations: Pursuing a love for literature and lab work

Wednesday, February 28 - 2018
In high school, Chelsea Matson was as into sciences as she was the arts. Nothing seemed strange about that until she got to university, where she noticed most students choosing one program stream or…

Farewell to ROSI, U of T's student web service

Wednesday, February 7 - 2018
After 19 years, ROSI Student Web Service will officially be retired on Feb. 15. In its place, ACORN has now become the primary student web service since launching in 2015 – with more than 12 million…

Students lead campus emergency medical response group

Tuesday, January 30 - 2018
When University of Toronto Scarborough Campus Police responds to a medical call, you might notice two or three students in bright orange hoodies accompanying them. These students are part of the…

Chemistry programs achieve national accreditation

Thursday, January 25 - 2018
U of T Scarborough’s undergraduate degree programs in Chemistry have received accreditation from the Canadian Society for Chemistry. “This is a major advancement for our programs and a huge vote of…

Exhibit at U of T Scarborough explores meaning of ‘HOME’

Thursday, January 11 - 2018
What is home? Over thirty University of Toronto Scarborough undergraduate students have responded to that question through HOME an exhibit on display at Gallery 1265. “We all think about home in…

Creative writing student first to be signed to new publisher

Tuesday, January 9 - 2018
At the start of 2017, sixth-year U of T Scarborough student Téa Mutonji wasn’t sure what life would be like after graduation, but a new publishing contract is sharpening her 2018 focus.  After a…

Curatorial Perspectives II: An undergraduate course in search of local artists

Thursday, November 30 - 2017
In Curatorial Perspectives II, seven students will spend this semester visiting local artist studios. At the end of the semester, they must decide on one artist to invest in for the Doris…