Ordering Your Transcript

A transcript is your academic record at the University of Toronto. It chronologically details the sessions you attended, the courses you took, your grades, and all pertinent academic information regarding your academic attempts and achievements. There is a $12 service fee to order a transcript.

  • Login to ACORN and click "Order Transcripts" under the Academics menu tab.
  • If you cannot access ACORN, use the Transcript Order Form to submit your request
  • Printing your transcript directly from ACORN is considered an "unofficial" copy of your transcript

Picking Up Your Transcript at UTSC

Transcripts are delivered to the Registrar's Office on Tuesdays and Thursdays after 3pm. You will be required to show your TCard or Government-issued photo ID. To authorize a friend or family member to pick it up on your behalf, please ensure that you have completed the Transcript Pick-Up Authorization Form.  

Delivery, processing times, and additional information can be found on the Transcript Centre website.

Unofficial Transcript Copies

You can view your full academic history, and print unofficial copies of your transcript at no cost using your internet browser settings.