Campus Groups on the CCR

The Co-Curricular Record (CCR) is designed to help students search and track experiences beyond the classroom, link those experiences to skills and have those opportunities recognized on an official institutional document.

Why put your campus group’s executive on the CCR?

The CCR will:

  • Help you advertise and promote your organization through the CCR Online Directory.
  • Help you and your organization identify the skills you’ve developed.
  • Recognize your involvement on an official university record. You can then bring that to interviews or use it on applications.
  • Assist in the transition between this year’s executives and next year’s.

So how do you get your group on the CCR?

Before applying, please note:

  • Only executive positions can be posted on the CCR, with a maximum of 10 positions per campus group (this exclusion does not apply to Departmental Student Associations).
  • Campus groups can only start the process to be on the CCR if they have already been active for at least one academic year.
  • The CCR is not retroactive (it cannot be applied to previous academic years)

Groups applying to be on the CCR will need to complete the following:

August – September 2017:

Attend initial CCR training with the Department of Student Life (at least one member will need to attend, this person will be the designated CCR liaison for your group).

Workshop dates will be posted by July 31st 2017.

September – November 2017:

Groups will be responsible for drafting and submitting positions for review by the DSL team.

Groups will also need to select a validator: a staff or faculty person at UTSC who will meet with the group to track progress and confirm their roles on the CCR at the end of the year.

Groups will have an initial meeting with their validator to go over their annual goals.

January 2018:

Groups will attend a follow up session with DSL to evaluate their application progress.

February – April 2018:

Groups will have a wrap up meeting with their validator to confirm they met their goals and verify who on the team will be validated.

May 2018:

Validators will approve the appropriate positions for their campus group.

Groups will be notified via email for when this year's application process will open. We are currently making some changes to make application simpler, and appreciate your patience while we get the application systems ready to launch. For any questions or concerns, contact