What is TCard Plus?

TCard Plus is a new way to pay using your existing official University of Toronto Identification Card (TCard). Your TCard will be accepted as a form of payment at food outlets, vending machines, laundry machines, printers and photocopiers across UTSC.

Do I need a special card to participate in the TCard Plus program?

No. Your existing TCard will give you access to the TCard Plus program. In order to participate, you simply load funds through the eAccounts portal using any major credit card. Funds can also be loaded by credit and debit at the TCard Plus office (BV498A). For a full list of locations where funds can be added to the card, please click here. Once funds are added, you can use your TCard as a form of payment by swiping the magnetic stripe on the back of your card at TCard Plus terminals at participating merchants.

Where can I use my TCard to pay?

Your TCard can be used across the campus at participating merchants. For an updated list of on and off campus merchants please click here. Alternatively, look for the official TCard Plus pennant at participating campus outlets.

Do I have an online account?

Yes. You will be able to access your TCard Plus account online by visiting the eAccounts portal. Once you login with your UTORid, you will get access to your transaction history, be able to load additional funds and report your card lost/stolen.

If I lose my card, do I lose the money I have on it?

No. If you lose your card or it is stolen, it is very important for you to immediately report it lost/stolen through the eAccounts portal. Your money in your TCard Plus account(s) is protected from the time you report your card lost/stolen. You will also be required to report your card lost with the Library in order to protect any library services available through your card. Please note, all replacement cards are produced at the TCard office located in the Library.

How can I check my balance?

You can check your balance through the eAccounts portal or at any sales points. You may also check your balance at our office in BV498A or at the cash loading machine located in BV400.

I want to deposit money in my TCard Plus account, but I can't find any cash loading machine on campus

The Cash Loading Machine is located outside BV 400. The machine accepts cash only. Guest Cards can also be purchased from this machine

What is the difference between a meal plan and TBucks?

A meal plan is a prepaid account that enables students to enjoy food from more than 24 food vendors at UTSC. Meal plan users save up to 18% on all meal purchases. If you live in residence or live off campus but expect to eat several meals on campus each week, the savings and convenience of a meal plan are worth considering.

TBucks are flexible dollars that are taxable and can be used to pay for printing, vending, photocopying and other services on and off campus. Non-meal plan users can also use TBucks to purchase food on campus but will not enjoy any tax savings.

Does my meal plan expire?

Due to government tax regulations, meal plans can only be used for a specified period of time. Thus meal plans do not carry over from year to year. You can transfer any unused meal plan funds at the end of the academic year (or semester if you have purchased a semester meal plan) into a TBucks account. Some restrictions apply. Please consult the Meal Plan policy for refund and carryover guidelines.

Do TBucks expire?

TBucks do not expire as long as you remain an active student, staff or faculty member of the University of Toronto. If you are graduating or not planning to use your TBucks for an extended period of time, it is your responsibility to exhaust the funds on your card or to follow the appropriate refund procedures. If your TBucks account has no activity for a period of 24 months, the University shall deactivate your account and any remaining funds will become the property of the University.

Can I withdraw money from my TCard Plus account?

Unfortunately, cash withdrawal, advances of funds, or cash back from your TCard Plus account(s) is not permitted. Please note that funds from a meal plan or TBucks cannot be used to pay for alcoholic beverages.

Can I use my TCard as a method of payment for off-campus vendors?

Sure! You can use your TBucks account to pay for pizza delivery by calling Pizza Pizza at (416) 967-1111. Also, you can order authentic Chinese Food from The Golden Chopstick, located minutes from the campus at 271 Old Kingston Road (Unit 103). Call them at (416) 282-1688 for delivery to the campus! Please visit the website for an updated list of off campus vendors participating in the TCard Plus program.

Can I use my TCard to pay in the event the network is offline?

In the rare event that the TCard Plus system is experiencing downtime and card readers or cash registers are functioning in offline mode, some transactions will be allowed under certain conditions and limits. Vending machines will not be accessible in offline mode.
After the system comes online, all offline payments will be processed and recorded. Should your account go into a negative balance due to your offline transactions, you will be responsible for repaying that balance by reloading your TCard Plus account(s) before the card can be used again.

Do I save taxes on everything I buy with my meal plan?

If you are a meal plan user, you can save taxes on all of your meal purchases from on campus food vendors. If you use your meal plan to buy snacks only, you will be charged the appropriate taxes. Please see the example below for more information:
If you buy a slice of pizza, a bag of chips, and a bottle of coke – this is constituted as a meal and your entire purchase will be tax free when paying with your meal plan.
If you buy a bag of chips or a bottle of coke only – this is not constituted as a meal, and you will be charged the appropriate taxes.

Can I refund my meal plan dollars or TBucks?

Yes meal plan dollars and TBucks are refundable with some conditions. Please consult the Meal Plan and TBucks policies for refund guidelines.

If my card is not working, what should I do?

If you are experiencing trouble using your card please follow the following troubleshooting steps:

Ensure you have sufficient funds in your account(s) by visiting the eAccounts portal

If you have sufficient funds but continue to experience trouble using your card, please visit the Student Helpdesk (BV487) for further assistance.

If after following the above steps, you continue to experience trouble using your card, please visit the TCard Plus office (BV498A) for further assistance.