Information for Parents

The TCard is more than just photo ID -- it's also a safe, convenient and cost effective way for students to budget for, and purchase, essentials while on campus.  Loading up your student's TCard with money (TBucks) is a great way to ensure that they have access to funds for necessities.

Benefits of Using TBucks

  • No fees
  • No interest
  • Savings through ongoing deals and discounts
  • Not usable for alcohol, tobacco or lottery products
  • Unspent TBucks refundable upon request

Meal Plans

As your student embarks on some of the most exciting and important years of their young life, there are many factors that will make the experience that much greater. Part of that experience is a UTSC TCard Plus Meal Plan.

Click here for a full list of our Meal Plan options.

A Meal Plan not only saves money, but also provides many benefits. Some of which include:

  • All meal purchases are tax-free. This will help your student save 13% on all campus meal purchases.
  • Merchants located in the main cafeteria (H-Wing Marketplace) are offering an additional 5% off to meal plan users, which results into a total savings of 18% only for meal plan users!
  • The meal plan works like a debit card, which provides your student with the flexibility and security of not having to carry cash on campus.
  • The meal plan does not expire. Any unused money is refundable and can also be carried over.
  • The meal plan can only be used for food and is reloadable – if they run out, you can re-load it.

Parents of undergraduate students have overwhelmingly indicated their preference of providing their students with a meal plan which provides the student with more time to focus on their studies, experience university life, manage their academic deadlines, and spend less time trying to buy groceries and cook between classes and exams. Furthermore, students themselves have indicated that meal plans are more convenient as they do not have time to return to their residences during classes to cook, which often results in students skipping their meals or having a poor diet. (Most of all, students love the fact that there are no dishes to clean)!!

Download the 2017/2018 Meal Plan Information Package

Supporting Your Student

You can add money to your student's TCard quickly and easily using the secure TCard+ eAccounts Portal and clicking on "Guest Deposit". These transactions occur as regular purchase charges on your credit card, so you won't be subject to cash advance fees or interest charges