Student Overview of Quizzical

Quizzical is an educational software designed to help students engage more deeply with course material on their own pace after class. It has two major facets:

i) students are assigned one or more dates to create multiple choice questions; and,

ii) all the best questions (as vetted by professor/TA) are available in a quiz pool, allowing each student to take practice quizzes and prepare for course midterms, tests, and exams.


Disclaimer Statement

When you first log-in to Quizzical, you will see a disclaimer statement. Many of the best student-generated questions may present on your course tests, midterms, and/or exams. This would always be done in an anonymous way, without revealing you as the author. However, to respect your authorship, we give you the choice of opting-in or opting-out of this. 

Disclaimer Statement


Compose A Quiz Question

You will be directed to the Dashboard once you logged in. Please click Take A Quiz.

Quizzical Dashboard

To compose a new question, please find items with the status marked Active, then click Compose.

Compose a Question

Note: If you are first time to compose a question, you may find three status showed in My Question Status: Active, Inactive and Expired.

  • Active: You are allowed to submit a new question by the specified due date
  • Inactive: You cannot compose any question for the lecture that will happen in a future date
  • Expired: The due date of submission is passed, therefore you cannot compose any questions. 

Students need to complete 6 steps in order to submit a quiz question successfully.

Step1: Choose the question type, Recall or Application

Question details

Step 2: Fill in the question

Step 3: Provide the page number or figure number as a reference.

Step 4: answer for each option

Step 5: Please provide the justification for why this option is correct or incorrect.

Step 6: Please specify the correct answer

Submit a Questions
Submit a Question

After you complete all 6 steps, you can click Review button to check your questions and submit, or click the Save as draft to save and proceed the question later. 

Review Question

Once you submitted your questions, you can click the dashboard to check the status for those questions. There are three statuses: Accepted, Requires Editing and Rejected. For Required Editing questions, click Re-Submit to see the grading comments provided by your TA and make a revision before the due date shown.

My Questions Dashboard


Take A Quiz

One of the important features for Quizzical is that students can take a quiz from a pool where best questions vetted by instructors and TAs are in. Each pool will provide you with an invaluable self-study resource. The pool will become available after enough good questions are collected. Once the questions are available, you may take practice quizzes as many times as you like. Each quiz will include a set number of questions (set by your instructor), and you can take the quiz again to get another set of questions. Once you’ve answered all the questions, the pool will reset and all the questions will be randomized. Click Take A Quiz, and select a lecture from the drop-down menu and click Begin Quiz to get started.

Take a Quiz

Select a specific lecture pool for questions related to the topics of that lecture.   Note that the table shows the total number of questions in the pools, the number that you have attempted, and the number that remain in the pool.  The table will thus give you information about whether you’ve exhausted the pool (but it gets reset to randomize the questions and you can reattempt if desired) and reveals your performance on questions in each pool.

Question showing Timer

Note: The timer is set to simulate a live test environment. There’s no penalty if you pass the expire time. But you’ll get a warning message when you submit your answer. You can close the warning window and submit anyways.


Quiz Statistics

In your dashboard, you can monitor the quiz statistics as well as your progress. Use the "Show Only Valid Participation Marks" to toggle reporting based on your instructor's grading criteria (e.g. participation marks may apply for 2 weeks from date of the lecture).

Quiz Statistics