Take a Quiz Pool

Another important feature of Quizzical is the “Take A Quiz”. As students submit questions for each lecture, the best questions will be added to a quiz pool. Your professor or TA will have vetted each question in the pool, and each pool will provide you with an invaluable self-study resource. It may take some time before enough good questions have been submitted and graded before the quiz pools become available. However, once the questions are available, you may take practice quizzes as many times as you like. Each quiz will include a set number of questions (default is 5), and you can take the quiz again to get another set of questions. Once you’ve answered all the questions, the pool will reset and all the questions will be randomized. Click “Take A Quiz”, and select a lecture from the drop-down menu and click “Begin Quiz” to get started.

Select a specific lecture pool for questions related to the topics of that lecture.   Note that the table shows the total number of questions in the pools, the number that you have attempted, and the number that remain in the pool.  The table will thus give you information about whether you’ve exhausted the pool (but it gets reset to randomize the questions and you can reattempt if desired) and reveals your performance on questions in each pool. 

Once the quiz begins, you will be presented with a series of questions. The timer is intended to simulate a live test environment – there is no penalty if you do not answer before the timer expires, but try to answer in the time provided. Read the question and the possible answers, click on the circle beside the answer you believe to be correct and then click “Submit Answer”. 

If you have answered correctly, the correct answer will be highlighted in green and an alert will be shown indicating that your answer was correct. When a question is answered incorrectly, your selected answer will be indicated in red and an alert will be shown to let you know your answer was incorrect. Whether you’ve answered correctly or incorrectly, click “Review” to proceed. You will then be shown the full question, with the correct answer highlighted in green and justifications for each answer choice will be shown. If the question has a figure or diagram and/or a reference field, it will also be displayed.  The justifications are required to provide feedback and a useful learning tool, so keep this in mind when authoring your questions.  After reviewing the question, click “Next”.

You will be asked to rate the question before the next question is presented.  A star scale will be shown, and you must click on 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5 stars to indicate how useful/strong you believe the question to be before clicking “Next”, e.g. for a very strong/good question, click 4 or 5; for a weak question, click 1 or 2.

Upon completion of the quiz pool, you will be presented with a summary of your performance. Pay particular attention to the text reference for the questions that you answered incorrectly. Remember, this is an important self-study tool and a great way to identify misconceptions or course topics where you struggle and benefit from additional review. Click “Take Another Quiz” to try again, or click on the “Dashboard” link to return to the main screen. Good luck!