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General CDD Guidelines

Excerpts from the CDD Terms of Reference

The Campus Design & Development (CDD) Committee is an administrative committee mandated to ensure that proposed changes to campus facilities are aligned with the University of Toronto Scarborough’s short and long-term master plans and are specifically guided by a best practices approach to physical planning, design and construction consistent with the Policy on Capital Planning and Capital Projects.

The committee works in cooperation with UTSC’s Space Planning Committee in overseeing the physical development of the Scarborough campus that includes the assessment and approval of space plans and allocations.   It is responsible for the renovation of existing facilities, infrastructure renewal projects including computing network infrastructure, and security systems.  As delegated by the Vice-President, University Operations, CDD has the authority to approve projects with a value of up to $3 million and to recommend projects over $3 million and up to $10 million.

The Committee reports to the Vice-President and Principal of the University of Toronto Scarborough.

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The Call for Proposals will now be announced quarterly: April 1, July 1, October 1, January 1.
All departments are advised to consider these schedules in planning for departmental requirements to ensure that requests for renovation or renewal of existing space and facilities of departments are properly scheduled as planned.


As part of the recent amendments to the CDD process, only one standard CDD Project Application form will be used to cover any type of request that includes request for new construction, alteration, facilities renewal, or security systems projects at UTSC.

1. Completing the application form:

There are three steps that must be completed before a project is forwarded to the Strategy Review Group for adjudication

  • • In Step 1 of the application form, the department will provide information about the Project, space allocation, and departmental authorization.

    If the space that is being requested for renovation is not part of the department’s space allocation, the department must complete a Space Application Form to be submitted to Hovan Stepanian for review and evaluation.  The CDD Project Application Form cannot be processed until the Space Planning Committee approves the Space Application.

    For information on your department’s current space allocation, please contact Hovan Stepanian, Project Manager at (416)208-2670, e-mail:

    In addition, the department will be required to contact Design and Construction Management to schedule a meeting with a Project Manager for a preliminary review of the project application to complete Step 1

  •  • In Step 2, the appropriate Project Manager will provide the results of the preliminary review of the project: 

    If the project is a Work Order, the application will be returned to the department

    If the project is a CDD project, the Project Manager will verify the space allocation and will provide a low-high estimate of the project cost.

  •  • In Step 3, the project application is forwarded to the Secretary of the CDD Committee. If in order, the CDD Secretary will forward the project application to the CDD Committee for review and assessment.

  •  • In Step 4, the CDD Committee will conduct final review and assessment of the project and will recommend to the Strategy Review Group to proceed to design review and costing.

The CDD application form is available in:

For assistance in completing the CDD Project Application form, please contact Marlyn Yee at 416-287-7652, e-mail:



All applications that meet all the requirements in Steps 1 and 2 of the CDD Project Application Form will be reviewed by the Strategy Review Group that is composed of the Principal, Dean & Vice-Principal (Academic), Vice-Principal Research, and the CAO and Chair of CDD against the academic plan for evaluation and prioritization.  Subsequently, the Departments of Design & Construction Management, and/or Facilities Management will be engaged to prepare a cost estimate for each project that is approved by the Strategy Review Group to proceed to design review and costing.  Financial Services prepares a summary of these requests that includes the low-high budget of each request to identify and plan for potential funding sources.

In accordance with the Policy on Capital Planning and Capital Projects, the chief considerations for assigning priorities for funding are the merit of each request in relation to officially stated plans and priorities for UTSC, and the overall benefit of the proposed project for the Campus.  Within this framework, the following hierarchy of criteria will be used to rank proposals for renovation:

a. Projects that enhance existing instructional and research programs
b. Projects that make possible new instructional and research programs
c. Projects that improve the efficiency of existing administrative and student services
d. Projects that make possible new or additional administrative and student services

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