About Digital Atlas of the Human Skeleton

Over a decade ago, Janet Padiak, William Barek and I, supported by the University of Toronto Scarborough, undertook a project to assist students in learning about the human skeleton outside the classroom setting. A CD Rom was produced and over 1000 copies were sold. Given the improved computer-based delivery environment that exists today, we can make this resource available to students and interested individuals now over the intranet.

Provided that the source is acknowledged and it will not be used by a third party for profit, the digital atlas of the human skeleton is free of charge.

Larry Sawchuk
Department of Anthropology
University of Toronto Scarborough
E: sawchukl@utsc.utoronto.ca
T: (416) 287-7347

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Technical Notes:

  1. Download the zipped file. Upzip the file by placing the software in a dedicated folder, say for example - digital skeletal. To start the program, locate the moving skeletal hand located in the right hand corner. The software will load momentarily. Use the escape key to exit the program.
  2. Unfortunately, this software will not work under the current Mac operating system.