Alternatives to Management

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Didn't get into management?

Don’t worry, a BBA is not the only way to get into a career in Accounting, Marketing or Human Resources. Many academic programs can be excellent preparation for a career in business. The Academic Advising & Career Centre (AA&CC) has services to support you in building a successful career in business without a BBA:

What Employers Want from University Graduates

  • Employers want someone who has related experience whether it is paid or unpaid. You can build these experiences through extra-curricular involvement in student clubs, volunteer, part-time, or work study jobs. For more tips on how to build experience check the employment opportunities section of our website.
  • Employers also look for transferable skills that are required for the job. For more tips on these skills review the job search section of our website.

Employability Skills 2000+, which outlines the critical skills required for the workplace, indicates that employers are looking for communication, problem solving, positive attitudes and behaviours, adaptability, ability to work with others, and science, technology and mathematics skills.