Become a Peer Coach

An upper-year student advising a first-year student

Want to get experience and make a difference to your fellow students? The AA&CC hires senior students each year for volunteer opportunities: Employment Peer Coach and Study Skills Peer Coach. Recruitment takes place from January to March for the following academic year.


  • Experiential learning opportunity for students interested in careers such as teaching and counselling
  • Develop skills relevant to career planning and job searching, counselling, advertising and leadership
  • Gain relevant professional experience
  • Work in an environment that is team based, supportive and friendly
  • Expand your network and get an employment reference
  • Learn about writing, research and further develop your communication skills
  • Provide input into program design


  • Senior (at least 3rd year) UTSC student
  • In good standing academically (minimum 3.0 CGPA required for Study Skills Peer Coach positions)
  • Available to volunteer 3 hours per week and able to attend one meeting per term
  • Reliable, excellent communication and interpersonal skills, well organized and responsible
  • Enjoy working in a team environment
  • Available to attend training sessions (May and September)

How to Apply

Employment Peer Coaches and Study Skills Peer Coaches are Work-Study positions.

Positions are generally posted on the Career Learning Network (CLN) in late April for the Summer session and mid August for the Fall/Winter session.

Please contact Esther Chung (Study Skills Peer Coach position) or E-Lin Chen (Employment Peer Coach position) if you have any questions.