Choosing Courses

Students are responsible for meeting all degree and program requirements.

Resources to assist you with choosing your courses

Course Instructions

  • Many courses are open to any student who has met the pre-requisites. Some courses have enrollment restrictions and other courses have specific enrolment instructions. Refer to the course timetable for more information.
  • Most tutorials begin after the first lecture is scheduled.
  • You are responsible for checking all pre-requisites, co-requisites and exclusions of courses, as ACORN/ROSI does not check this for you.
  • Students must pass all prerequisite courses before enrolling in the course being described. If a student does enroll in a course without the proper prerequisites and without having permission from the instructor to do so, they can be removed from the course at any time. Even with permission from the instructor, students assume all risks and responsibility for registering in a course without having the proper academic foundation that the prerequisite courses provide.
  • You must not enroll in courses that have a time conflict.

More information on the Office of the Registrar’s website