Drop-In Hours

Drop-in appointments work on a first come first served basis and are intended for shorter discussions (approximately 20 minutes) with an AA&CC staff member. 

Academic Advising & Career Counselling Drop-In Appointments

Drop-In Appointments are appropriate for (most) questions on:

  • academics
  • degree planning (if there are no discrepancies with Degree Explorer)
  • career and employment
  • CV/resume and cover letter review (must have a hard copy ready)
  • personal statement (must have a hard copy ready)
  • further education

You may have one drop-in appointment on any day – you are welcome to review the resources we recommend, and return another day!

Drop-In Hours

Day  Fall/Winter Hours Summer Hours
Monday 10am-4pm 12pm-4pm
Tuesday 10am-4pm 12pm-4pm
Wednesday 10am-4pm 12pm-4pm
Thursday 10am-4pm 12pm-4pm
Friday 10am-2:30pm 12pm-2:30pm
Please note: We can only accommodate a certain amount of drop-ins per day. Please arrive before 3:15pm on Mondays-Thursdays and 1:45pm on Fridays to see if you can be accommodated for the last appointment of the day.

These hours are subject to change. We have extended drop-in hours for August 3rd and August 7th. Please walk by AC213 and/or check our Facebook page to confirm that AA&CC activities are running as scheduled on any particular day. Occasionally we close the Resource Centre for a special event, and staff members are occasionally ill/away.