Extern Job Shadowing Program

The Extern Job Shadowing Program lets you explore a career by visiting with professionals in the workplace. Activities may include: tour of the workplace, attend site visits, observe day-to-day activities, meet with other members of the department, involvement in hands-on projects, attend department and client meetings, and/or receive an overview of the organization and workplace culture.

What types of job shadowing placements may be available?

Learn more about the Extern program including a list of placement opportunities by visiting CLN (select Programs followed by Extern).

What students are saying about the Extern Program

"Thank you for offering this amazing experience to students. It has provided me with more clarity about what I wish to do with my career, which I'm not sure I would have accomplished without this fantastic opportunity."

"The placement made me want to work harder to accomplish my goal of becoming a physician and helped me see what I was studying for. The best experience was being able to see the working environment."

"My sponsor was very warm and welcoming, as were the rest of her team members. I felt that I was really able to get a good sense of what her job was like, her day-to-day activities, with no reservations on her part."

How to Apply

(full application details are available on CLN  Programs → Extern & Explore It)

  1. Attend an Orientation session which will provide details regarding the application process and preparation for your job shadowing experience. Orientation sessions are held in:
    • September for October placements
    • January for February placements
    • May for June placements

    Register for an Orientation at cln.utoronto.ca → Events & Workshops Calendar → UTSC Academic Advising & Career Centre.

    Returning students:All new and returning participants in the program must attend an orientation session. NOTE: Students who are not required to attend an orientation must complete the pre-registration survey to officially register for the program.

    Once you have attended an orientation and/or have completed the pre-registration survey, you will be able to APPLY TO PLACEMENTS. Opportunities will be live in:
    • Mid-October for November placements
    • Mid-January for February placements
    • Early September for October placements​
  4. After the placement, students are required to complete a short on-line feedback and reflection form. Students who complete their reflection will be granted Co-Curricular Record (CCR) validation.

Extern Program FAQ

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