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Financial Aid links

Gold star icon Links with with a gold star icon are recommended sites.

UTSC Financial Aid OfficeGold star icon

Financial Aid & Awards at UTSC provides programs and services to assist students in financing their education. Programs include OSAP and other provincial loan programs, bursaries and grants, and scholarships/awards. The Financial Aid & Awards office is located in the Registrar's Office.

Canada Student Loan ProgramGold star icon

Find out which financial institutions offer loans, and use a software package to estimate how much money you can expect. Links are also available to the provincial government offices for student loans. You may also be eligible for provincial money.

Canadian Government Grants is an online list of grants, loans and assistance programs for Canadian individuals and businesses. To apply for programs, you must place an order and pay a fee to receive complete program and application information.

CanLearn Interactive

Explore career possibilities, identify learning requirements, develop learning strategies, and create the financial plans to achieve their goals.

Ontario Student Assistance Program

Get information on financial aid from the Government of Ontario, as well as graduate employment rates by university and program.

Student Awards is a search engine that allows you to research your eligibility for bursaries whether at the undergraduate or graduate level. Create your own personal profile to access this information. The search engine will then identify the bursaries that correspond to your profile. You can create a mailbox in which to keep your profile, and if new and suitable bursaries become available, they will automatically be added to your mailbox. A site to visit often!

Scholarships CanadaGold star icon

A national database of scholarships. The articles on finding scholarships are informative.