Enrolling in Subject POSts

Student signing up for courses online

A subject POSt is a program of study, which consists of a group of courses designed to provide you with direction in a particular academic area. It may be a Specialist, Major or Minor program.

Office of the Registrar

Visit the Office of the Registrar's website for information about subject POSts:

Co-op Programs

  • All Co-op programs are limited and you must apply to enrol in these programs. For complete requirements, review the calendar.
  • You may only register in one Co-op program.
  • Co-op subject POSts have additional program fees - see the Student Accounts website for details.
  • Some co-op subject POSts are offered as major subject POSts. These can only be taken as part of a four year degree, so they must be combined with another major subject POSt.
  • Management subject POSts: Do not apply to both the co-op and non-co-op subject POSts of the same title. If you are refused admittance to the co-op subject POSt, you will automatically be considered for the relevant non-co-op subject POSt.