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A petition is a student's formal request for an exception to university rules and regulations.

  • In considering petitions, UTSC is sensitive to the needs of students who are experiencing problems that are beyond one's ability to foresee or control, but may not always be able to grant the student's request.
  • Your petition is considered on the basis of your written materials using the guidelines and past practices of the Subcommittee on Standing.
  • If you need assistance in weighing your options please talk to the staff at the Academic Advising & Career Centre.

 How to Submit a Petition

  • Refer to the special consideration, petitions and appeals section of the Registrar's website and note the important dates.
  • You will receive a response via eService, either granting the petition or refusing it. Be sure to read the full decision, as the details may be as important as the result itself. Sometimes there are further steps for you to follow. If the petition is granted, the situation is resolved. If the petition is refused, you have the choice of taking it to the next step - the Appeal.
  • Notations on transcripts: If your petition is granted, where relevant, the University of Toronto Scarborough will record a notation on your transcript (permanent record).

For more details, please visit the Registrar’s Office website:

       Special consideration, petitions and appeals