Research Catalogue for Faculty

Showcase your research profile to attract the best student researchers!

The U of T Scarborough Research Catalogue provides students with an overview of research opportunities at UTSC and with partner institutions nationally and around the globe.

Benefits to adding your profile on the Career and Co-Curricular Learning Network (CLNx):

  • Broaden students' awareness of research opportunities
  • Improve planning and preparedness for students interested in research
  • Manage student expectations and provide advice regarding the selection process
  • Post your profile, Work Study, paid and volunteer research opportunities all in one location
  • It's unique to UTSC; only our students, faculty, and staff have access
  • It will only take a few minutes of your time!

Create your CLNx Account

Create Your Faculty Profile

Note: If you are a Work Study employer, you already have an account. Please go directly to Step 2.
  1. Go to the main page for CLNx:
  2. Select "Register" in the Faculty & Staff box.
  3. Complete the brief form and select "Submit Registration".  If you have any difficulty, please contact Ruth Louden (
  4. Email Ruth Louden ( to confirm that you have registered so that she can ensure you have the UTSC Research Catalogue permission for your CLNx account. Please note that there will be a slight delay between when you submit the form and when your CLNx account will become active.
Once you have your CLNx Account:
  1. Please log in to CLNx ( with your username and password.  Your utor email address is your user name.  If you have any difficulty, please contact Ruth Louden (
  2. Select from the Main blue vertical menu “Research Catalogue” then “Faculty Profiles”.
  3. Review your Faculty Profile, by selecting "Show my Profile" and double click on the displayed result.
  4. Complete the fields that are blank and edit for accuracy any fields that we may have completed for you. Please let us know if you have any questions or suggestions.
  5. Optional:  If you are curious to see how the Institutional Profile is different, select from the main menu "Institutional Profiles" (i.e. below “Research Catalogue”).  We are eager to grow the catalogue, so we would welcome any additional suggestions for Institutional Profiles via email