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Taking Summer Courses

Factors to Consider when deciding to take summer courses

  • Do you have the time? Can you spend a minimum of 3 hours of study, review and preparation time for every 1 hour of class time?
  •  Be very careful if considering an F or S course as these courses are accelerated in pace.
  • Will you be employed and can you balance both school and work?
  • Will you be tempted by summer's extracurricular pursuits?
  • How is your energy level? Do you need a break after a long year?
  • If you are on academic probation, you must get a summer sessional GPA of 1.6 or greater.  If you are on academic probation, you are strongly advised to speak with an Academic & Learning Strategist in the AA&CC.
  • Have you made a note of the relevant fees refund and academic drop dates?
  • Are you worried about OSAP? (speaking with a Financial Aid Officer can help).
  • Consider meeting with an Academic & Learning Strategist if you are still unsure about taking courses in the summer.

Summer Semester Time Management

Because the summer period goes by quickly, effective time management strategies are very important.

  • Use the Time Table Work Sheet to map out your activities including classes, part-time job hours, meals and sleep, study time and recreation time. This will help you to assess how much time you have to engage in your various commitments. If you need help completing the worksheet consider meeting with a Study Skills Peer Coach.
  • Review the Thinking of Going to Summer School? tipsheet