Transfer Student Course Selection Overview

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Selecting courses with a transfer credit assessment

  • Review the Specific and Unspecified Transfer Credits that you have received.
  • Review the listed Exclusions; do not take courses that are listed as Exclusions.
  • If you have received Exclusions for program requirements, consult with the Program Supervisor/Advisor to determine how to select your courses.
  • Consult with your Program Supervisor/Advisor to determine if unspecified credits meet prerequisite, degree or program requirements.
  • If you have received 4.0 or more full transfer credits you must select your Program(s) of Study on ACORN prior to selecting your courses.
  • Select your courses on ACORN.
  • Consult with an Academic & Learning Strategist if you are still uncertain.

Selecting courses without a transfer credit assessment

  • Avoid selecting UTSC courses with content that is similar or identical to your previous studies; these courses may be listed as Exclusions on your Transfer Credit Assessment when you receive it.
  • To avoid enrolling in courses that fully or partially duplicate your previous studies, consider taking electives outside of your current or intended program of study.
  • Select your courses on ACORN.
  • Consult with an Academic & Learning Strategist if you are still uncertain.

Transferring to another U of T campus

Students who are currently registered or have previously registered at UofT can learn more about an internal transfer on the admissions website.

Additional Resources for Transfer Students

  • Take part in "Get Started" for transfer Students! Get Started is an interactive orientation hosted by the Academic Advising & Career Centre to help you transition to UTSC.
  • Transfer Student Q&A - A chance for Transfer Students to learn more about UTSC and ask general questions (more inforamtion found via Get Started, above)
  • Transfer Student On-line Module - Review our Transfer Student On-line Module for information on transfer credits, course selection and resources to assist you as you transition to UTSC. (acess the module via Get Started, above)
  • Transfer Explorer can be used to show how courses completed at degree-granting Canadian post-secondary institutions will transfer for degree credit at the University of Toronto. This service is intended for reference only.
  • The Transfer Guide is an easy-to-use, searchable database of all available credit transfer pathways offered by Ontario’s colleges and universities. is a service provided by the Ontario Council on Articulation and Transfer (ONCAT) to connect current and prospective students to transfer opportunities.
  • Transfer Students Tipsheet [PDF - 864.56 KB]
  • FAQ about transfer credits
  • More information about applying as a transfer student can be found on the Admissions & Student Recruitment website and the Office of the Registrar website.