Transfer Students

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Transferring to U of T Scarborough in September 2024?

Congratulations on your acceptance to U of T Scarborough and we are excited you have joined our community! Begin your journey by participating in Get Started, which is an interactive academic orientation hosted by the Academic Advising & Career Centre to help you transition to U of T Scarborough.

Here are 4 things you can expect to gain from our supports so that you can have an academically successful year:

  • Navigate all the resources available to help you make informed academic decisions from the start
  • Receive assistance through our Transfer Credit Module to understand and apply your Transfer Credits to your U of T Scarborough programs and degree (link below).
  • Connect with First Year Peers and Staff members of various academic disciplines, who are excited to share their experiences with you.
  • Attend the support session geared towards Transfer Credit students by attending our in-person Transfer Credit Support Session where Academic Advisors will be waiting to help answer your questions.  This session date will be available come late May.

Transfer Credit Module 

If you expect to receive transfer credits from high school or other post-secondary institutions, after you complete the Course Selection Module, please review the Transfer Credit Module where we will help you:

  • understand your transfer credit letter
  • identify which courses you are eligible to take, and
  • build a plan to complete your program and degree requirements.

Transfer Credit Course Selection Support

We highly encourage you to attend Get Started to receive help choosing your courses, connect with First Year Peers, and explore resources. 

Important Note: Ensure you complete your Transfer Credit Application. If you have not submitted one, please contact the U of T Scarborough Admissions Office as soon as possible for more information.

If you still have questions, following supports are available.

Ready to access Get Started? Head over to our You're In page to learn how.