What Can I Do With My Degree?

UTSC student sitting outside

The program(s) you study will help you build skills that are transferrable to many different occupations and industries. Our Career Options by Program tip sheets can help you identify some possible career opportunities related to academic programs. A degree at the University of Toronto prepares you for many kinds of work - read alumni career stories here and on social media tools like LinkedIn.

The documents below were developed in consultation with faculty members from each of UTSC's academic departments! They shared the skills students can develop in their programs, links to resources, and alumni stories about further education and employment.

Each year some graduates choose to become entrepreneurs. You will work for 40+ years - you can always choose a new career direction!

Career Options by Program


      Arts, Culture and Media

       Biological Sciences

       Critical Development Studies

       Computer & Mathematical Sciences


       French and Linguistics

       Health Studies



         Historical and Cultural Studies 

          Human Geography



             Physical & Environmental Sciences​

             Political Science