Engage! Leader Roles

ACM Engage! Student Certificate Program. Get involved with ACM! Leader Roles

Become Leader of ACM! 

To receive your Leader Certificate, you must contribute and participate in 50+ hours of services in at least one of these roles. Also, you must attend at least 4 training sessions.


ACM Workstudy ARTSA Executives ARTSIDEOUT Executives
Marketing & Social Media Assistant

Digital Media & Design Assistant

Events Assistant

Box Office Assistant

Outreach & Special Projects Assistant

LLB Theatre Costume Assistant

LLB Theatre FOH Assistant

LLB Theatre Stage Mgt Assistant

LLB Theatre Technical Assistant

Fabrication Lab 1 Monitor

Fabrication Lab 2 Monitor

Digital Media Lab Monitor

Gallery 1265 Director

Gallery 1265 Marketing Coordinator

Gallery 1265 Programming Coordinator

Gallery 1265 Exhibitions Coordinator

Gallery 1265 Gallery Attendant

Gallery 1265 Gallery Animateur


Administrative Assistant

Vice-Chair of Finance

Vice-Chair of Programming

Vice-Chair of Marketing

Branding Officer

Communications Officer

General Manager

Artistic Director

Executive Assistant

Artistic Assistant

Financial Officer

Marketing Director (Branding)

Marketing Director (Communication)

Outreach Director

Studio Director

Performance Director

Volunteer Director

Clubs Coordinator

Graphic Designer

Digital and Social Media Coordinator

Studio Logistics Coordinator

Studio Special Projects Coordinator

Performance Logistics Coordinator

Performance After Dark Coordinator

Performance Special Projects Coordinator

Performance Assistant

Studio Logistics Coordinator (former Studio Assistant)

Outreach Assistant


These positioned are usually filled over the summer. Resumes and interviews are required.

Questions? Please contact acmconnects@utsc.utoronto.ca