Student Projects and Field Placement Awards

2021-2022 Student Projects

RadioFWD & the Doris McCarthy Gallery (DMG)

RadioFWD & the Doris McCarthy Gallery (DMG) are excited to collaborate on Heart2Art. This special audio project aims to create a more inclusive and accessible website for DMG by offering narrations of selected DMG essays. 


This project prioritizes "accessible/disability inclusion-focused outcomes", a key area of the I.D.E.A.S grant initiative. While the ASO team changes from one year to the next, issues of equity, diversity, inclusion, and accessibility are fundamental to our work. This year, with a focus on the continued development and evolution of the WebApp, the funds provided will help us to ensure greater access and engagement to an audience with a broad range of abilities. It will also provide another step in ASO's strategy to continue addressing inequities as they relate to accessibility standards. This will be a place from which future festival teams can continue the effort moving forward. Furthermore, the live-time workshops with an ASL interpreter will help broaden the dialogue with the Deaf/Hard-of-Hearing communities and increase awareness.

To learn more about ARTSIDEOUT's commitment to equity and diversity, see


2019-2020 Student Projects

Gallery 1265

Hybridity Exhibition

Jiaqi Yuan

Sundial sculpture

Artwork production funding: materials to produce a solar-powered kinetic sculpture by combining machinery with hand-made still objects. Sundial, will involve the form of the ancient Chinese sundial, provoke viewers to rethink about the tension between the concept of time and efficiency.


2018-2019 Students Projects

Long Distance Relationship Exhibition

Christopher Dela Cruz and Patrick Atienza,

Long Distance Relationship, 2019 Nuit Blanche Scarborough

Artwork production funding: Long Distance Relationship is a two-part installation that aims to connect Downtown Toronto to Scarborough through communicative sound and body movement. It is constructed using custom-built electronic synthesizers and are controlled by light-sensitive sensors (a.k.a light-dependent resistors, LDR) that produces droning, polyphonic sounds that are manipulated through the detection of movement or presence of the audience in front of the piece as it plays through a pair of loudspeakers.

Drama Society

Performance rights for production of This Is War

Performance production funding: Drama Society’s Mainstage production, This Is War, by Hannah Moscovitch is a Canadian written play following the lives of four soldiers on a joint-op’s mission with the Afghan National Army against the Taliban in 2004-2005.

Joseph Konieczny

The Newcomers gallery visitor interview project

Research project funding: “Paramount to the function of the contemporary art museums I study every day in my Art History Program at the University of Toronto is the concept of space democratization. Students are trained to ask key questions upon entering a gallery—who constructed this space? What types of privileges and advantages are they given to facilitate their curatorial success? Who does not have access to this space? How does the makeup of the visiting public affect the space? The Newcomers will consist of a minimum of fifteen 30 to 45 minute interviews with gallery-goers.”

Solo exhibition

Jiaqi Yuan

Solo exhibition, Gallery 1265

Artwork production funding: “The solo show starts from my motherland, China, exploring the negative impact brought by industrialization, such as the traditions that becoming extinctive and the ‘machine-based’ relationship among people. This projects are in in multiple forms of: sound and machine-based installation, cardboard sculpture, surrealist drawing and painting; mainly depict the conflicts among traditions, humanity, urbanization and overly developed industrialization incorporating traditional Chinese cultural elements: Chinese folk instrument and toy, Suzhou dialect, Hakka building (one of the oldest Chinese architecture).

Learn more on Jiaqi Yuan's website

2018-2019 Arts Management EDA Field Placement Awards

Hao (Helen) Wang

Theatre Sheridan and Canadian Music Theatre Project musical theatre in China research project

Kali Banner

2018-2019 Arts Management EDA Field Placement Award