Letter of Permission

If you are planning on studying at another accredited, degree-granting institution in North America and have those credits transferred back to UTSC, you must first receive permission from the UTSC through a Letter of Permission (LOP).If you are planning on studying at a degree-granting institution outside North America, please email Carol Farquhar, Admissions and Transfer Credit Assessor: farquhar@utsc.utoronto.ca.

How to Apply

Application details are online here.


Completed application forms including all required documents must be submitted to Admission and Student Recruitment (Room AA128) at least 3 weeks prior to the start of classes at the host university. It is your responsibility to check directly with the host university for information concerning their application and registration deadlines.

Fee Structure

Credits Total Cost (Price x Credits)
Application for 0.5 or 1.0 credit $40
Approval for 1.5 credits $40 x 1.5 = $60
Approval for 2.0 credits $40 x 2.0 = $80
Approval for 2.5 credits $40 x 2.5 = $100
Approval for 3.0 credits $40 x 3.0 = $120
Approval for 5.0 credits $40 x 5.0 = $200
Fees are subject to change. $40 is required when the application is submitted. The fee is non-refundable. If more credits are approved, the balance is due if/when the Letter of Permission is approved.


  1. You must have completed the equivalent of at least 3.0 credits and be in good academic standing at UTSC.
  2. Courses requested must be appropriate for Arts and Science degree credit at this University. For example, courses in education, social work, or physical education would not be appropriate. Professional program courses such as Law or Medicine are also not appropriate.
  3. A maximum of 5.0 credits may be obtained with a Letter of Permission. This means that If you are a transfer student and have received 5.0 or more transfer credits upon admission, you will not qualify for a Letter of Permission.
  4. Only 1.0 credit at the senior level (C or D-level) will be permitted on a Letter of Permission.
  5. Letters of Permission are not normally granted for institutions within the Greater Toronto Area and surrounding regions.
  6. Letters of Permission are not normally granted for online courses.
  7. To obtain your transfer credit, you must earn one full grade higher than the minimum passing grade. The grades achieved are not recorded on U of T transcripts and are not included in your GPA. However, your academic standing and eligibility for scholarships and/or award may be affected if your academic performance while on LOP is poor.
  8. If you do not earn the credit, a notation of "No credit" will be recorded on your U of T transcript (as opposed to a numerical value).
  9. You are responsible for sending an official transcript to UTSC's Admissions Office right after you finish your course. If you do not do this prior to the following semester at UTSC, you will not be permitted to register for courses and a notation of "No credit" or "Fail" will be entered on your transcript for the LOP course.
  10. You are also responsible to check with your UTSC Program Supervisors to ensure that the course you plan on taking is acceptable for program requirements.