Internal Applicants

Current UTSC student? Use the Internal Applicant Information form (PDF, 94 KB) to apply for a transfer into the Co-op program, or learn more about admissions process.


Interest-Free Status

Maintain interest-free status with OSAP, so that you don't have to start repaying your loans while on work terms. Please visit the Office of the Registrar's website to access more information.

Status in Co-op

Withdrawal from the Program

If you'd like to leave the Co-op program, fill out the Co-op Withdrawal Request form (PDF, 82 KB) to will start the process. Please read the Leaving Co-op webpage for details.

Work Terms

Work Term Changes

You'll receive an individualized work term sequence when you complete the COPD03 prep course, but we understand that sometimes life has other plans. Fill out a Request to Change Work Term Sequence form (PDF, 154 KB) when this happens. Although not all requests can be accommodated, but each request will be considered on an individual basis. Read more on the implications of resequencing.