Work Term Eligibility Requirements

Eligibility Requirements for Domestic and International Students

To be eligible for your first work term, use this checklist.  This will help you figure out if you are on track to meet your co-op program and work term requirements.  If you answered yes to all of the questions below, you are eligible to start your first work term job search. If you answered NO to ANY of the items below, please follow the instructions for next steps that you should take.

Specialized/Major Declared:

Question:  Are you in a co-op subject POSt?



No  ( I will apply in April or July. Visit for more information on how to request and accept your subject POSt.  Review the calendar to ensure you meet the minimum requirements to apply to the subject POSt.)


Question: Is your cGPA 2.5 OR higher?

Yes (Great! You're in good standing in the co-op program.)
No  (If your cGPA is between 2.3 and 2.49, you are on co-op probation and will not be able to job search at this time. The Co-op Office will be in touch with you to discuss adjusting your work term sequence. If your cGPA is below 2.3, you will be removed from the co-op program.)

For International Students Only

Question: Have you applied for your co-op work permit?  Your co-op permit is different from your off-campus work permit or your study permit.

No  (Workshops are held in Fall and Winter semesters and are organized by the Co-op Office.  If you missed these workshops, please call (416)-287-7518 or email the ISC ( to schedule an appointment with a licensed Immigration Advisor at the International Student Centre (ISC) in IC-350. Assistance is provided at no cost. More information is available on the ISC's website:

Minimum Credits

Question:  Do you have the minimum number of credits required for your first work term?

No  (If you do not meet minimum credit requirements, your work term sequence will require adjustment. The Co-op Office will be in touch with additional information and options for your work term sequence.)

Prerequisite Courses

Question:  Have you completed or are you taking courses that are required to go on your first work term?  

(Not sure?  Go to, find your program on the "Program List" and Review your Co-op Work-Term and Program requirements or review the next page.)
No  (If you do not have the required prerequisites - academic and co-op courses - your work term sequence will require adjustment. The Co-op Office will be in touch with additional information and options for your work term sequence. You should schedule an appointment with an Academic Advisor or your Program Advisor/Supervisor for assistance with your course and work term sequence planning.)

To be eligible for later work terms, you must:

  • Be in good standing in the program
  • Have completed any program-specific requirements
  • And have received a grade of CR (credit) on your earlier work term(s).

Special Considerations for International Visa Students - Work Permits

If you’re studying on an international visa, you’ll require a co-op work permit from Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRC) to begin a job search, get hired, and complete a work term. Visit:

NOTE:  Take care of these details early so that everything is in order well before you start seeking your first work term. 

STEP 1:  In the fall of your first year in Co-op, atttend an information session co-hosted by the Co-op Office and the International Student Centre.

STEP 2:  Apply for your co-op work permit
In addition to your application, you'll need a letter from the Co-op Office stating that your work terms are part of your co-op program requirements. To make arrangements to receive this letter, please contact us at

Once you've applied for your work permit, it will take up to 4 months to be processed. At this time, the normal permit processing fee is not charged to co-op students. It will also take time ater receiving a work permit to receive a Social Insurance Number (SIN).

Additional information and comprehensive details on regulations and assistance for International Students are available from the International Student Centre.

The Citizenship and Immigration Canada website provides up-to-date information and forms:

Note your work permit's expiry date
Be mindful of the expiry date of your work permit; it will require an extension if it doesn't last the full length of your study permit.