Work Term Performance & Grading

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Assessment During Your Work Term

While you're in your work term, program faculty, the Co-op office and your employer will evaluate your work term using 3 methods. Based on this evaluation, a grade of CR (credit) or NCR (no credit) will be recorded on your transcript, which could affect your eligibility in the program. 

Each work term, we'll evaluate you using the following methods:

  1. A site visit and mid-term evaluation
  2. A final work term evaluation
  3. Your work term project

Site Visit

If you’re in a 4-month work term, we'll contact your employer after about 7 weeks to arrange for a site visit.

Typically lasting 30 – 45 minutes, this meeting provides you and your supervisor an opportunity to review your performance with the business development coordinator. It also allows you a chance to discuss your work term goals, highlight any needs or concerns, clarify direction for the final report and discuss options for your next work term.

Don’t have a site visit booked by halfway through your work term? Contact your work term engagement coordinator to arrange one.

Work Term Evaluations

Both you and your and supervisor will complete a mid-term and final evaluation, which will be emailed to you midway through and at the end of your work term. Some organizations have their own evaluations and in most cases, these evaluations can be submitted instead of (or in addition to) our final evaluation form.

Submission of both evaluation forms is mandatory to meet the program’s graduation requirements, and you must receive a passing evaluation from your employer to be eligible for subsequent work terms and/or graduation.

In cases where work term performance evaluations are marked as 'unsatisfactory,' we’ll investigate with you and your employer to determine if an action plan can be developed to improve future work terms. In more extreme situations, final work term evaluations marked as unsatisfactory may include withdrawal from the co-op program.

Work Term Projects

Due date: the last day of the term (Summer work terms: August 31,  Fall work term: January 4, or  Winter work term: April 30)

Depending on which program you are in, your project may be a written report, an oral presentation, (or both), or a poster presentation. 

It’s often best to have your project topic reviewed and approved by your workplace supervisor and academic program evaluator at least 6 weeks prior to the deadline date (which is approximately at midterm evaluation/visit time if you are on a 4 month work term). This will ensure that you don’t accidentally share any confidential information in the project.

As with all your other academic work, you must ensure that your work is properly referenced; plagiarism can result in removal from the co-op program and suspension from the University.

Late or Missing Projects

Unless you’ve previously arranged for an extension with your program supervisor, late or missing projects will not receive credit for the work term. This will result in a failed work term and removal from the Co-op program.

Failing a Work Term Project

If you don’t pass your work term project, you’ll have a chance to submit a rewritten version. This is due within 2 weeks of having received the failed project notification email from the Co-op office. If you receive this email, you’ll need to pick up your report form the co-op office, meet with your program supervisor to discuss the feedback, and then submit your revised report to IC150 within 2 weeks.

Peer Networking Sessions

In the semester following your work term, you’ll be invited to participate in networking sessions with junior co-op students. In these sessions, you’ll share your co-op experiences with your peers and provide valuable insights to junior students who have just entered the program. 


Work Term Project Guidelines

Each program has work term project guidelines and criteria. Please review these carefully and if you have any questions, contact your co-op program supervisor.

Computer & Mathematical Science


French, Linguistics, History, Philosophy, Psycholinguistics, Women & Gender Studies

Molecular Biology & Biotechnology

You must complete a work term presentation in addition to your written report. Details can be found in the Life Science Presentation Addendum. Be sure to contact your Program Supervisor prior to beginning your report, or if you have any questions.


Physical & Environmental Sciences

Psychology or Mental Health Studies

Social Sciences (including City Studies, Health Studies, and Public Policy)

Social Sciences students in City Studies and Public Policy must complete a work term report and a work term presentation.