Work Terms

Work Term Eligibility Requirements

Planning to go on work term soon? Whether you're a domestic or international student, make sure you meet all of our eligibility requirements. 

Work Term Sequencing

More information on when you'll receive your work term sequence, the impact that dropping courses or deferring exams could have on your sequencing, information on how requesting a change on your work term sequence, and more. 

International Work Terms

Considering a working abroad during your degree? Here's some guidance and a few timelines that you should be aware of at least 1 year before you plan to begin your work term.

Competing for Co-op Jobs

5 tips for success during your job search, using CSM, understanding the competition, and more.

The Interview Process

Receiving an invitation to attend an interview is one of the most exciting­ elements of Co-op. There’s a few guidelines that you’ll need to adhere to in the interview process, which we’ve outlined below.

Receiving a Job Offer

You’ve made it this far in the job search process – congratulations! From here, we'll facilitate the offer proces on behalf of employers by forwarding the offer details to you, and helping you through the next steps of the hiring process.

Going on Work Term

Some guidelines for success during a work term, information on taking courses during a work term, and the process around getting fired from or quitting your work term.

Work Term Performance & Grading

How will you be marked during your work term? Learn about our site visits, work term evaluations, and work term projects, and download work term project guidelines specific to your program.