Your Co-op Support System

No matter your level in Co-op, there's a robust team available to support your success. Here's a bit more about what they do, and how you can contact them:

Student Development Coordinators 

This dedicated team will lead your COPD01 and COPD03 courses, laying the foundation for success in your co-op job search. With their guidance, you’ll develop your cover letter and resume for a competitive job search process, and will hone the interview skills necessary to land your co-op jobs. 

Contact your Student Development Coordinators for questions about:

  • Job search preparation
  • Co-op policies
  • Work term sequencing
  • Co-op course concerns

Work Term Engagement Coordinators

When searching for jobs and while on work term, your Work Term Engagement Coordinator is your main points of contact. They’ll facilitate your work term courses (COPD11, COPD12, and COPD13), and will provide additional in-person support during office hours and individual appointment times. During those times, you can get hands-on support with customizing your resume and cover letter, as well as advice on how to improve your interview performance.  While on work term they can provide you with advice if you are encountering any challenges along the way.

Contact your Work Term Engagement Coordinators for questions about: 

  • Competing for a co-op position
  • Job search process
  • Employment coaching
  • Employer or industry information
  • Work term preparation
  • Issues on work term


Business Development Coordinators

Think of the business development team as your dedicated co-op networking experts. As Co-op representatives, they’re out in the world every day, attending trade shows and telling prospective employers about the elite group of co-op students available at UTSC. You won’t likely see them around the office much, but they’re an integral part of the co-op team’s success.

Operations Staff

This team oversees many of the administrative elements of the office: from posting jobs to scheduling employer interviews, they’re the team that keeps our operation running smoothly.

Arts & Science Co-op Leadership Team

This team oversees the direction of the Co-op program. You might meet with them to discuss your status in the program, work permits, exceptions, or withdrawal from the co-op program.

Program Advisors & Co-op Program Supervisors of Studies

For questions about program requirements (such as course sequencing, pre-requisites, subject POSt, or work term report topics), please contact your Program/Course Advisor or Co-op Program Supervisor. If your academic department doesn't have a Program/Course Advisor, please speak with your Co-op Program Supervisor of Studies.

Contact your Co-op Program Supervisor or Program Advisor for questions about:

  • Academic planning for your degree and co-op work term sequence
  • Course selection
  • Course exceptions and exemptions
  • Course equivalents
  • cGPA hurdles
  • Graduation dilemmas
  • Work term project topics & evaluation (co-op program supervisor only)