Physical Literacy

Physical Literacy

University can be a stressful time for many students.  This stress can manifest in many different ways such as poor academic performance, social isolation and other health concerns. Research has shown that physical activity can act as a protective mechanism and as a treatment measure to combat these negative effects.

One of the best ways to receive benefits to your brain, body and well-being is by doing an activity that brings you joy and suits your individual needs.  The goal of the Physical Literacy Campaign is to illustrate why you should make time for physical activity in your busy schedule, as well as show you how to do so on and off campus through available services at the University of Toronto Scarborough.

Getting started can be are some ideas to help you Get Physical and Be Literate.


Toronto Pan Am Sports Centre

Get Physical On-Campus

Get Physical through available services at the University of Toronto Scarborough.  This can be a great way to make use of the time available in between your busy class schedule.  De-stress and see the results of an invigorated mind, you won’t even have to leave campus.

Many of these opportunities are included in your tuition fees! Click here to learn more.

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Get Physical Off-Campus

Get Physical in your community. Many students have a lengthy commute to campus and find it hard to work regular physical activity into their daily schedule. Here are some suggestions of ways you can get active while getting involved in the community.

To learn more about what is available in your community, click here.


Get Physical When you are short on time

Get Physical within your busy schedule. It can be hard to balance school, work and time with loved ones. However, physical activity is important enough to make time for as it will benefit every aspect of your life.

Click here to learn some quick ways to help you integrate physical activity into your day.


Find an activity that you love and do it on a consistent basis!

Learn about the Fit-Break initiative  Request a Fit-Break

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