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BioSci Movie Night

Happy New Year UTSC and Welcome back to school!

The ‘Biology in the Movies’ team in collaboration with the UTSC Academic Advising & Career Centre (AA&CC) and the Biology Students’ Association (BioSA) invites you to a movie screening of the critically acclaimed film “Love and Monsters”.


The ‘Biology in the Movies’ team (working with Biological Sciences professor, Dr. Ashok) has worked to create a large database of films that includes an evaluation of the scientific claims made in those movies. Our ultimate goal is to promote scientific literacy and address misinformation by providing accurate scientific information in a way that is accessible to a broad audience. At this screening, we hope to stimulate several fun and engaging discussions around the scientific accuracy of events in the movie. 


Also, representatives from AA&CC will be there to inform you of the resources they provide to help students in choosing their programs in the Biological Sciences and preparing for future careers. There will be lots of food, games and prizes. So, join us for a fun night to build community, have some great conversations and learn something new!

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