2019-2020 Placements


Ashna Hudani

Ashna Hudani in Thailand

Hello! My name is Ashna Hudani and I will be spending 12 months in Bangkok, Thailand, working with the Centre for People and Forests (RECOFTC).

Grace Wong

Grace Wong

Hello!  My name is Grace and I am a 4th year IDS Co-op student.  I will be going to Southeast Asia for 10 months with OMF for my co-op placement as a Community Development Intern.

Henrietta Teh

Henrietta Teh in Guatemala

Hola a todos!  My name is Henrietta and I am heading to the beautiful highland city of Quetzaltenango or Xela (as the locals call it) in Guatemala!

Issra Marie Martin

Marie Martin in Vietnam

Hi! My name is Marie and I will be going to Hanoi, Vietnam with World University Service of Canada for my co-op term.

Leeza Gheerawo

Leeza Gheerawo Swaziland

Hello folks! My name is Leeza Gheerawo. I am currently completing a Co-op Specialist in International Development Studies and a Sociology Minor in Critical Migration Studies.  

Lynne Corvaglia

Lynne Corvaglia in Costa Rica

Hi There! My name is Lynne Corvaglia and I am a student in the International Development Specialist Co-op program.

Maris Matues

Maria Mateus in Peru

Saludos a tod@s!

My name is Maria and for my ten month placement with Uniterra (a WUSC & CECI program) I will be working with the Canada Peru Chamber of Commerce (CPCC) as a Strategic Planning Officer in Lima.

Megan Robleh

Megan Robleh in Kenya

My name is Megan Robleh and I will be in Nairobi, Kenya with Aga Khan University. For the next 8 months, I will be working as a Business Project Intern at the School of Nursery and Midwifery.

Mira Hennawy

Mira Hennawy in Ghana

Hello! My name is Mira Hennawy and I am ecstatic to be embarking on a ten-month internship to Tamale, Ghana. Africa is my home and I am eager to explore more of its diversity, art and cultural richness.

Rajpreet Sidhu in Nepal

Hey folks! My name is Rajpreet and I will be living in Kathmandu, Nepal for 10 months starting in June 2019.

Sofia Villamizar

Sofia Villamizar in Colombia

Hi everyone! My name is Sofia and I am currently a 4th year IDS co-op student starting my placement next July. My 10-month placement will take place in Bogota, Colombia alongside World Vision Colombia.

Sorcha Taylor

Sorcha Taylor in Vietnam

Hello! I’m Sorcha Taylor, and I will be leaving for a nine month placement in the beautiful city of Hanoi, Vietnam. Through WUSC, I will be working with the Centre for Marine Life Conservation and Community Development (MCD) as a Project Officer.

Tasneem Mewa

Tasneem Mewa in India

If you ask me next summer, “neevu kannada maataadteera (do you speak Kannada?)”, hopefully I’ll respond, “houdu, svalpa svalpa barutte (yes, a little).” This is because, I am fortunate enough to be spending my co-op placement term as an intern with the