French Placement Test

If you are enrolling in a French course as part of your program requirement or for elective purposes, it is important you enroll in the course appropriate for the level of French you currently hold.

If you have never received any formal education in French and if you do not speak a word of French, please enrol in FREA96. If you have completed Grade 9 core French, please enrol in FREA97. If you have completed Grade 10 core French, please enrol in FREA98. If you have completed Grade 11 core French, please enrol in FREA99.

If you have completed Grade 12 Core or Immersion French, please complete the placement test available at the following link: after having contacted the Associate Chair, Prof. Jeri English ( to receive your unique "Evalang code" which is required to take the test. 

Students’ proficiency in all French courses is carefully monitored throughout the term. If the course instructor feels that your proficiency is not appropriate for the level of the class (whether too high or too low), they can request you be removed from the course and placed in a higher or lower level.  

Some students may be familiar with the CEFRL levels if they have taken a proficiency exam (at the Alliance française, for example, or at another approved testing centre). Below is a helpful chart that shows each CEFRL level equivalents at UTSC, followed by a suggestion of which level students should enroll in.

Students possessing this CEFRL level... Have this level of French (UTSC course equivalent)... And should enroll in...
B2 FRED01H3 Please contact the Associate Chair for assistance (

Please note that you do not have to take any specific language courses to enrol simultaneously in content courses, at the appropriate level for you.

For example, students placed at the A2 or B1 level of the CEFRL may enrol in content courses (literature, culture, linguistics, etc) at the B level at UTSC, without necessarily enrolling in language courses.