Race and the willful ignorance of Margaret Wente, a blog post by Professor Mahtani and Professor Walcott

Dr. Minelle Mahtani and Dr. Rinaldo Walcott contributed a piece to the Broadbent Blog about the importance of taking an honest look at the role racism played in historical (and contemporary) injustice. The blog post is a response to Margaret Wente’s Globe and Mail column on Nicholas Wade’s new book: “A Troublesome Inheritance: Genes, Race and Human History”.

Minelle Mahtani is an Associate Professor in the Department of Human Geography and Program in Journalism, University of Toronto Scarborough and a Broadbent Institute Fellow. Rinaldo Walcott is an Associate Professor in the Department of Humanities, Social Sciences and Social Justice Education at OISE University of Toronto. He is also a Broadbent Fellow.