Program Requirements

General Requirements For Doctor of Philosophy

Demonstration of PhD candidacy by passing an oral defense of proposed research.

Completion of a thesis or a series of papers on an original piece of research in environmental science.

Completion of a  total of 2.0 full-course equivalents (FCE) as follows:

  • A mandatory 0.5 FCE- EES 2200H Advanced Seminar in Environmental Science 
  • 1.5 FCE from an approved course list in the graduate program (The courses are required to provide background for the student’s research).

Students may apply to take a number of PhD-level courses taught by the core faculty both within the Department of Physical & Environmental Sciences (DPES) and outside DPES that can be considered for the PhD degree (see examples in the Course List section) as part of their 1.5 FCE credits for the degree; however, all courses for PhD degree credit must be approved by the Graduate Chair. In some cases, additional courses may be required if a student's preparedness is assessed as being insufficient.

Program Length and Time Limit to Degree:

  • The degree program has been designed so that it can be completed within four years for students who have completed a related master’s degree.
  • Students transferring from the master’s program are expected to complete the Ph.D. program within five years from the start of enrolment in the M.Sc. program.
  • Direct-entry students from a bachelor’s program are expected to complete the Ph.D. program within five years.

Detailed Program Requirements

For the current academic year