Christine Berkowitz (on leave)

Christine Berkowitz
Associate Professor, Teaching Stream
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(416) 287-7167
Building MW 234


Christine Berkowitz, returned to academia part-time in 1998, after twenty years in the public sector as a senior manager of non-profit organizations involved in the planning, development and coordination of community services.

Dr. Berkowitz received her PhD in History from the University of Toronto in September of 2010. Her dissertation project, entitled "Railroad Crossings: Railway Workers and the Transnational World of North America, 1877-1910," explores labour migration, working-class culture and borderland identities in the late nineteenth and early-twentieth centuries, thinking comparatively about Mexican-US and Canadian-US borderlands.

Crossing between three nations and questioning categories such as race, citizenship and nation, Christine studies workers relationally – to their families, fellows and communities, and to larger processes capitalist expansion and nation-building.

Currently, Dr. Berkowitz holds a full-time Lecturer's appointment at the University of Toronto Scarborough with a teaching focus on Critical Writing and Research for Historians and a variety of courses in American History.


B.A. (Colorado)
Ph.D. (Toronto)

Research Interests

  • North American Labour and Working-Class History