Alumni & Friends - Ways to get involved and give back

Getting Involved

The Historical and Cultural Studies Student Association (HCSSA)

The Historical and Cultural Studies Student Association (HCSSA) is a student organization created to assist students enrolled in the Historical and Cultural Studies Department at the University of Toronto Scarborough.  Its purpose is to enlighten students on the advantages of the discipline and act as a medium between students and faculty at the University. The HCSSA acts as a voice of the students to communicate their thoughts and ideas to the faculty by creating academic and non-academic activities to bridge the gap between students and faculty.

For more information please visit the HCSSA website:


The Women's and Gender Studies Student Association (WGSSA)

The Women’s and Gender Studies Association is dedicated to improving the lives and academic paths of its community at the University of Toronto Scarborough Campus. It is focused on exploring how academic learning on issues of gender, sexuality, race, disability and other inequalities, help shape our understanding of cultures, societies, and international development. Women’s and Gender Studies is an interdisciplinary academic program that examines the theories, attitudes, and transitions of gender issues across cultures and historical periods. Our goal is to provide students with resources and discussions on topics related to the Women’s and Gender Studies program. We are committed to supporting our community through strengthening peer and faulty relationships. The WGSSA believes that academic teaching in these topics gives students the necessary skills to become successful at being critical thinkers, and active members of the community. By understanding gender theories and topics, students will be able to apply these ideas in their everyday experiences.

Department of Student Life

The Department of Student Life at the University of Toronto Scarborough provides opportunities that enhance the student experience outside of the classroom through a variety of programs such as the First Year Experience Programcommunity engagement programs, and many more opportunities to get involved and build your Co-Curricular Record

Scarborough Campus Student's Union

The SCSU is the official representative body of all undergraduate students at the University of Toronto Scarborough.  The SCSU is committed to enriching the university experience of all undergraduates by addressing student needs and interests and in turn delivering services that meet those needs, including club funding, discount TTC Metropasses and the anti-calendar.  The SCSU advocates on behalf of students on such issues as the cost of education, campus safety, and academic standards.  The SCSU allows students to get involved by helping out at events such as the Cultural Mosaic or being a part of the Volunteer Network Program (VNP).  In addition, students are encouraged to run for positions in SCSU annual democratic elections.  Visit SCSU's website for more information.

UTSC Athletics & Recreation

The Department of Physical Education and Athletics offers services which help students maintain a healthy lifestyle, with a balance between academic studies and personal life.  Students can make use of group fitness, instructional and personal training classes or simply use the state-of-the-art cardio theatre, cyclefit room, double gymnasium and ‘The Key’, a strength and conditioning room, according to their individual schedules.  The Athletics Department also offers personal training with Certified Fitness Consultants.  To learn more, visit the UTSC Athletics' website.

Student Affairs

Student Affairs is run by a number of individuals devoted to enriching the intellectual and personal development of students within a community based on principles of mutual respect and inclusion.  Services offered include the Leadership Development Program, Student Mentorship Program and the Passport Program.  Visit the Student Affairs website to learn more.