Global Asia Studies

Global Asia Studies

Global Asia Studies is an area-focused, interdisciplinary program committed to cutting-edge humanities scholarship that studies Asia within a global context.

The last few decades have witnessed the growing importance of China, India, South Korea, Japan, Singapore, and other parts of Asia in the world's geopolitical and economic spheres. Contacts and cultural exchanges between North America and Asia are increasing in scope in every sphere.

The diverse student population of UTSC is a case in point. Global Asia Studies aims to meet the rising demand for knowledge about Asian societies, cultures, and contemporary politics while also working to meet the distinct needs and experiences of UTSC students.

As a program, Global Asia Studies speaks to the uniqueness of UTSC as a campus and to Scarborough as a community. It aims to offer a cohesive and constantly renewed curriculum that presents an open and accessible interpretation of Asia and its place in the World. Faculty expertise extends into the fields of history, law, languages, literature, media, politics, religion, arts and visual culture.

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  • Specialist Program in Global Asia Studies
  • Major Program in Global Asia Studies
  • Minor Program in Global Asia Studies


  • Ruoyun Bai,  Associate Professor (Department of Arts, Culture, and Media)
  • Li Chen, Associate Professor
  • Esmat Elhalaby, Assistant Professor
  • Anup Grewal, Assistant Professor
  • Yi (Evie) Gu, Assistant Professor (Department of Arts, Culture, and Media)
  • Bhavani Raman, Associate Professor
  • Jayeeta Sharma, Associate Professor
  • Shana Ye, Assistant Professor