Rick Halpern

Rick Halpern
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History / Food Studies


Rick Halpern is a social historian whose work has focused on race and labour in a number of national and international contexts.  His most recent publication, co-authored with Alex Lichtenstein, is Margaret Bourke-White and the Dawn of Apartheid. He also has written about meat and meatpacking, sugar and plantations, and regionalism.  Currently he is researching the long interplay between photography, race, and class in the Canada and United States over the course of the twentieth century.  He is the Bissell-Heyd Chair of American Studies and, until July 2015, was the Dean and Vice Principal at UTSC.  Prior to that he was the Principal of New College on the St George campus.  Professor Halpern works with graduate students in a number of fields.




MA. (Wisconsin-Madison)

Ph.D. (Pennsylvania)