UTSC Spring Convocation

Principal Bruce Kidd’s commitment to creating a healthy campus for all students, staff and faculty was established in his Installation Address in November 2015. Since then, he has been working tirelessly to walk the talk by creating opportunities to adopt healthy habits whether physical or mental. By fostering a culture of health and wellbeing, Principal Kidd hopes students will graduate with the knowledge and tools to live healthy and productive lives. 

From the careful selection of Convocation speakers, to the Principal’s remarks to the Graduands, the pillars of the Healthy Campus Initiative are represented throughout the celebration.


Principal Bruce Kidd’s Message to 2017 Graduands

After graduation, your lives will probably move at an even faster pace. I can tell you from personal experience that as your responsibilities increase, so too will your “tomorrow” pile. Do not neglect your own wants and passions as you take on urgent or weighty matters. You need to find an appropriate balance to live a truly rewarding life.

Secondly, be disciplined about your own health and well-being. You will need mental and physical health to realize your ambitions, and to weather the stress and strain of a new career, social commitments and familial responsibilities, and to do the things you love.  My own formula has been healthy eating and daily physical activity. It’s supported by research in every field.   

Whatever you do, help make Canada and the world a better place, in keeping with the U of T traditions of critical inquiry, community building, equity and inclusion.

Principal’s Convocation Address June 19th, 2017


Listen to the Spring 2017 Convocation Speaking remarks

Dr. Catherine Bragg


Dr. Faisal Moola


Dr. Tracey Lindberg