Front Desk Reception

Cindy Ho
Cindy Ho (she/her)
Health & Wellness Centre Assistant

I was born in Vietnam and grew up in Canada. My background is Cantonese and Teowchew.

Experience/area of expertise: I have worked in health care for many years varying from client care to administration. I enjoy helping others; therefore I knew the medical field is where I wanted to be. I always welcome the opportunity to learn and grow, and I am excited to add my skill set and experiences to the Health & Wellness Team.

Things I love: I love going on walks and exploring nature and its beautiful scenery. 

Edwina Simmons
Edwina Simmons (she/her)
Health & Wellness Centre Assistant

I am Black and was born in Ghana, Accra.

Experience/area of expertise: My area of expertise is billing.

Things I love: I enjoying music and dancing.  I would love to travel more.

Laurie Hambly
Laurie Hambly (she/her)
Health & Wellness Centre Assistant

Things I love:  I enjoy walking and spending time with family. My favorite food is always going to be chocolate.

Rebeca Lopez-Leandro
Rebeca Lopez-Leandro
Health & Wellness Centre Assistant

I’m a Latina Canadian living in Toronto. My parents originate from El Salvador and Bolivia.

Experience/Area of Expertise:

I went to Centennial College and studied Office Administration Medical. It has led me to work in the eye care field as an assistant and technician. I have also worked in a medical OHIP billing agency where I’ve communicated with the Ministry of Health. I am eager to continue to gain experience and learn in my current position at UTSC. I hope to help all students who enter the Health and Wellness Centre.

Things I love …

I enjoy reading whether it is rom-coms, thriller or mystery, listening to music, and I also like being creative with eyeshadow makeup.