Stepped Care at UTSC Health & Wellness

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To provide the most appropriate care to students, the University of Toronto has implemented the Stepped Care 2.0 model. 

The Centre for Innovation in Campus Mental Health states that Stepped Care is a system of delivering and monitoring mental health treatment so that the most effective, yet least resource intensive treatment, is delivered first, only “stepping up” to intensive / specialist services as required and depending on the level of patient distress or need.

Stepped Care 2.0 UTSC

Build Your Self-Care Toolkit

Utilize mental health information for self-guided learning for example videos podcasts healthy campus courses

Enhance Your Skills & Connections

Participate in mental health trainings programs and events supported by campus and community

Explore Peer Support

Connect with trained students in a confidential, safe space such as Recovery College and the Peer Support Program

Engage in Groups & Workshops

Join psychoeducational workshops in learn skills and coping strategies

Work with a Health Care Provider 

Meet one to one to collaboratively develop a personalized care plan to meet your needs