Addigy - Mac Computer Management

Mac Computer Management

IITS will be deploying a new Mac management tool called Addigy that will be used to remotely manage, support, update and set up Mac computers in UTSC. Addigy will ensure that managed devices have the latest software updates, including security patches. IITS chose Addigy following a rigorous evaluation of popular tools. The evaluation included information security and functional assessment. Addigy does not provide IITS personnel with unauthorized access to managed devices or the data contained within them. This project aims to upgrade and enroll around 400 Mac devices into Addigy during Summer 2022.   

Faculty and staff who have University-purchased Mac devices will receive an email in the next few weeks with more specific information about their device, including a link to book a suitable time with IITS Helpdesk to install the Addigy program. Devices that have an unsupported or near end-of-life version of mac OS and are capable of running a recent OS will be upgraded. Old devices that are incapable of running a current mac OS will need to be retired or replaced.

For additional information, please visit Addigy FAQs or contact the service desk: