In-Person Safety Protocols

IITS remains committed to providing services to both students and staff while maintaining a safe working environment.

Please review the following safety protocols below for the various in-person services

Safety Protocols

For all IITS client interactions, the following steps will be taken to ensure the safety of both our clients and staff:

  • masks are required for all indoor activities, including support requests anywhere on campus
  • physical distancing (2m) will be maintained for all interactions exceeding 15 minutes
  • all equipment will be disinfected before any servicing
  • Student helpdesk locations will be installed with a plexiglass barrier. To facilitate conversations, a microphone will be available.
  • Only one staff member will be present at each student helpdesk location during normal operating hours.
  • Self release printing will be available. Please note that disinfecting wipes will be available at each printer station.

Please note: All service at the Staff Helpdesk is by appointment only. Please contact us at or 416.287.4357 (HELP) to arrange an appointment.

  • clients are asked to drop off and pick up equipment at the front desk in the IITS offices (AC207A).
  • clients are asked to not enter the helpdesk area directly.
  • AC207 is limited to one client at a time.
  • IITS visits to client offices will be limited to printer and MFP service only.
  • physical distancing (2m) will be maintained for all interactions exceeding 15 minutes
  • all WebOption equipment (lapel mic and battery pack) will be sanitized before and after each filming session.
  • Please note that IITS staff is not responsible for sanitizing the room, furniture, or Teaching Station in between classes. Disinfectant wipes dispensers will be available in all classrooms should instructors wish to disinfect the podium keyboard, gooseneck mic or other equipment.
  • Facilities Management will deep clean classrooms each night


  • physical distancing (2m) will be maintained for al interactions exceeding 15 minutes.
  • if microphones are to be used for multiple speakers, please be sure to refrain from touching the microphone. All speakers should stand 6" or more from the microphone.
  • masks will not be required for outdoor events.

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