VPN Setup - Mac

  • Step 1:

Download  the lastest stable version of Tunnelblick from  https://tunnelblick.net/downloads.html

Double click to install, click Install to proceed with the installation.

  • Step 2:

Provide your Mac login password to authorize.

  • Step 3:

When install has finished, click Launch to launch Tunnelblick.

  • Step 4:

When asked configuration file, click “I have configuration file

  • Step 5:

Download the UTSC OpenVPN config file from following URL and unzip it.


When the “Add a Configuration” window show up, click “Done” and double click the files you just downloaded.

  • Step 6:

Choose the user to install configuration for. You can select “Only Me

  • Step 7:

Provide your Mac login password to authorize.

  • Step 8:

Click “OK” when configuration install successfully.


Connect to the VPN server on Mac OS X
  • Step1:

Tunnelblick has placed an icon in the menu bar. Click on it and select VPN Details.


  • Step 2:

Select the openvpn version 2.3.4 above.


  • Step 3:

Click on the Tunnelblick icon in the menu bar and select Connect Pfsense-­‐udp-­‐1194-­‐ pfsense.utsc.utoronto.ca to connect to utsc vpn.


  • Step 4:

Enter your UTORID and UTORID password to connect.

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